Our Solutions

We offer the most complete set of core technologies, tools and solutions for document handling in Host-Based Applications, Embedded Printer Marketplace and Office Document Management.

Artifex technologies are used to drive products and services as varied as printers, cloud-storage, mobile devices, embedded electronic devices…even locomotives and oil drilling rigs! If you have a product or service where document rendering or management is important, chances are we can help you. All you need do is contact us.

Printers / MFPs

Artifex technologies are at the heart of printer products from many industry partners.

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Raster Image Processor (RIP) Solutions

Artifex technologies help drive leading RIP solutions.

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Document Management Systems

Artifex technologies facilitate document management system work flows.

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PDF Tools

Artifex technologies help leading PDF solution partners to deliver better quality outputs.

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Mobile Solutions

Artifex technologies enable enterprise mobile solutions and product development for large companies as well as startups and independent developers.

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Cloud Solutions

Artifex technologies help power cloud solutions for leading enterprises.

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Artifex has different licensing approaches for our different products. Ghostscript and MuPDF are available under both Open Source and commercial license arrangements, while SmartOffice is strictly a commercial license product. Learn more