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The premier independent implementation of all the leading page description languages (PDF, PostScript, PCL, and XPS), Ghostscript delivers the most comprehensive set of PDL conversion capabilities on the market.

Put the power to work at your fingertips with our full-featured MS Office document viewer/editor designed for the mobile world. Available in mobile app and customizable enterprise
sdk versions.

Small, fast, highly versatile PDF/XPS interpreter solution that can be used as a PDF renderer, viewer or toolkit. Ideal for mobile, browser, e-books and embedded applications where a small size is key.

The most complete set of core technologies, tools and solutions for document handling in Host-Based Applications, Embedded Printer Marketplace and Office Document Management

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Licensing Our Products

Artifex has different licensing approaches for our different products.
Ghostscript and MuPDF are available under both Open Source and commercial license arrangements, while SmartOffice is strictly a commercial license product.

Open Source

If your distribution terms conform to our open source license, download here.

Commercial License

If you would like to secure a commercial license for distribution, learn more here.

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