Artifex Software Inc. is pleased to provide Smart Office, Ghostscript and MuPDF technologies. Smart Office is a leading MS Office mobile app that enables end-users to view, edit, create and print MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. End-users may also view and print PDF and image files with Smart Office. Ghostscript is an industry leader in PDF, PostScript, PCL, and XPS rendering and converting to/from any of these PDLs. MuPDF is a light-weight PDF and XPS interpreter with a very small footprint that offers all of interactive features for PDF.

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Artifex Software Inc., headquartered in San Rafael, California, is the developer of MuPDF® and the highly regarded Artifex Ghostscript® PostScript, XPS, PDF and PCL interpreter technologies. Artifex offers the most complete software solution available for host-based applications and the embedded printer marketplace, including all major PDLs (PDF, XPS, PostScript, and PCL), fonts, and font rasterizers. Artifex commercially licenses and supports MuPDF, Ghostscript®, GhostXPS®, GhostPCL®, and GhostPDF® technologies. MuPDF and Ghostscript software are also distributed as open technology under the AGPL, and are freely available on the Web for unsupported use, but not for distribution in proprietary commercial products.