RSA 2017 and the Securable Alternative to Microsoft Office for Mobile

Last week Artifex sponsored an exhibition booth at RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco, CA, one of the largest security conferences in the world where people gather to discuss security and the latest thinking and technologies related to securing information in the digital age. It was impressive to see how large this sector has become; the conference attracts over 40,000 attendees and has expanded to cover three different convention halls in San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center. The technology and topics discussed in keynotes, track sessions and panels, along with the enormous number of companies featuring their security related products was mind-blowing (and, frankly, much of it beyond this author’s technical depth).

So, what was Artifex doing at this security conference? We got asked that question more than a few times at RSA. While it’s true we are not a “security company” per se, we DO offer a product that helps companies address security in their mobile work force. That would be SmartOffice, which we like to refer to as “the securable alternative to Microsoft Office for mobile devices.”

Maintaining data and document security in today’s increasingly mobile work environment is critical to today’s enterprise and organizations. At the same time, employees of the secured organization still need to conduct their work, which means they need to access, view and edit their Office documents while using mobile devices. Our enterprise version of SmartOffice makes it easy for an enterprise with a mobile security platform – be it MDM, EMM, EFSS solutions, or proprietary internal systems – to incorporate these critical work functions into their overall offering for customers.

When it comes to providing MS Office document viewing and editing capabilities within a secured mobile platform environment, SmartOffice has several advantages vs. Microsoft Office 365 Mobile.

  • First and foremost, SmartOffice offers better security as it is designed to integrate within the platform rather than require a user to leave the secure environment to view or edit a document.
  • Second, at 1/50th the size of MS Office 365 (21 MB vs. just under 1GB), SmartOffice’s smaller size is better suited for mobile devices.
  • Third, SmartOffice provides PDF viewing and annotation capabilities, something MS Office does not offer.
  • And, finally, SmartOffice is fully functional without Internet access; a user can access and work on files natively with no Internet dependency.

For this combination of reasons, SmartOffice makes tremendous sense for mobile platform companies as well as enterprises looking for a securable document viewing/editing tool for mobile deployment. Hence, the “securable alternative to MS Office” line. If this sounds like a fit for your mobile workforce, feel free to email me directly at and we can discuss your goals and needs.

One more thing – one of the coolest items on display at RSA was the enigma machine (pictured below) from WWII that was featured in the Homeland Security booth. I believe I am now in the Homeland Security database for having taken a picture of this amazing machine from back in the day.