Read a report from the office, present a PowerPoint presentation, or review that annual statement PDF from your broker. With over 350 million copies of SmartOffice shipped or downloaded, we deliver the truest, most accurate rendering of MS Office documents available on a mobile app.

View All Major File Types

SmartOffice accurately displays Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), plus Adobe PDF, plain text, and images (jpg, png, gif). Our screen display automatically adapts to fit your smartphone or tablet and delivers best-in-class rendering quality to ensure the documents you view on SmartOffice look like the documents created in Office.

Deliver PowerPoint Presentations

Use SmartOffice Slide Show mode to deliver PowerPoint presentations directly from your mobile device or through connection to a projector. Your slides will show up full screen, one slide at a time with a tap or a swipe of the screen.

Explore Document Library

Easily store and find your documents in the SmartOffice Explore function. Organize your documents on your device by name, format type, date or file size.

Crystal Clear Viewing

Zoom into the smallest level of detail in your document without blurring. The SmartOffice rendering engine produces smooth edges and super high resolution viewing.

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Multiple Page Viewing

SmartOffice’s Zoom to N UP feature allows you to easily display multiple pages on your screen for quick navigation in longer documents. A simple pinch out gesture on your open document dynamically displays multiple pages on your screen.

Word and PDF Carousel

Quickly navigate through a document with this unique SmartOffice feature. Tap the “Pages” icon in the menu to open the carousel; scroll through pages by swiping left or right. Simply tap a page to open that page on your screen.

Pan and Zoom

Full support for multi-touch gestures. Zoom in for a close up look at the details or pan to different locations in the document.