Wide Range of Editing Tools

Update or modify your documents using our wide variety of editing features – cut, copy, paste; character, paragraph, cell formatting, and more – plus PDF annotations.

Format Text to Enhance Your Document

Formatting text is easy on SmartOffice. Highlight a word, sentence or as much as you’d like to format. Once the text is selected, use SmartOffice format tools including style (bold, italic, underline), font, size, color, and alignment to reformat your content.

NEW! Track Changes for Word

Share feedback and edits in Word documents with your colleagues using our new Track Change feature. Tracking functions include add/delete text, make comments, next/previous edit navigation, accept/reject changes and assigning author.

Drag and Drop Editing

Use the SmartOffice grab handle on selected text, images or shapes to easily move objects around your document.

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Insert Images

Add images to Word or PPT documents from your current library of photos or through your device’s camera. Inserted images can be scaled, enhanced with borders, rotated, moved or reordered with other objects.

PowerPoint Editing Power

In addition to common editing tools noted above, SmartOffice PowerPoint gives you the power to:

  • Add shapes – Choose from a library of common shapes to add to your presentation. Move, rotate and change scale, color, and format of inserted shapes
  • Sort/rearrange slides – Navigate through presentations and easily move, delete and copy slides with our slide sorter function.

PDF Annotations

Make annotations – highlight text, free-hand draw, insert comments – in your PDF documents.

Excel Editing

Variety of Excel editing functions include:

  • Navigate, add, delete or reorder worksheets – all worksheets in Excel documents are displayed as separate tabs.
  • Cell formatting and charts – Format the text, alignment, size and number type of any cell. Tap a cell and select format. View a wide variety of chart types with SmartOffice.