Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a new version of SmartOffice?

    Yes! SmartOffice has been evolving for many years. We are pleased to release a completely redesigned SmartOffice with a new user interface that makes it more familiar and easier to use.

    Our new UI is based around a simpler menu navigation bar located at the top of the screen, much like Office desktop. We have retained all the features and functions of SmartOffice 2 (and fixed some bugs); they are just more elegantly and intuitively placed for your use.

    This new UI rests upon a more streamlined architecture that will deliver a smoother, more responsive user experience (and help us maintain the product most effectively). This new version is technically SmartOffice 3, but we have decided to simply call it SmartOffice.

    Please note: We have already introduced this new version of SmartOffice to the App Store. Our Android version for Google Play will be released very soon. We are also updating our SmartOffice DevKit to this new version for both iOS and Android and have this available for enterprise customers.

    If you are interested in an enterprise version of SmartOffice, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Will you be supporting the old version of SmartOffice (SO2)?

  • Can I still use my old version of SmartOffice (SO2)?

  • How can I get technical support?

  • What is my BlackBerry Access Code?

  • I cannot save or open a Word document. What is the problem?

  • Do I need to back up the files stored on my mobile device?

  • Why can’t I see my external SD card?

  • Why can’t I see my PowerPoint slide notes?

  • Does SmartOffice have Track Changes?

  • Does SmartOffice have Password Support?

  • Which languages are supported by SmartOffice?

  • What printers does SmartOffice support?


Download our PDF user guide below.

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