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    View Documents While On the Go

    Whether you need to read a report from the office, present a PowerPoint presentation, or review an annual statement from your broker that came as a PDF, SmartOffice has you covered.

    SmartOffice lets you view all Microsoft Office format documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), plus PDF, plain text, and images as well. We deliver the truest, most accurate rendering of MS Office documents available on a mobile app.

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Solve the BYOD Dilemma

When integrated into your company’s mobile security platform, SmartOffice SDK provides a safe way for mobile users to work with MS Office documents regardless of device. Users can view, edit, print, share and present documents on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets within your EFSS, MDM or EMM platform. Enterprise information is secured while employees are productive – it’s a win-win!

Customizable to Your Enterprise Platform

SmartOffice SDK provides all the functionality and features of our SmartOffice mobile app but allows organizations to customize features based on your data leakage policies, or to present a read-only document viewer. The SDK also allows some customization to fit with the way your security application works, e.g., button removal or function changes. Our engineers can work with you to help address your goals and needs.

Enterprise IT Control and Customization

Enterprise IT departments have the ability to prevent data leakage via SmartOffice SDK’s controlled access permission tools that extend down to the user or document level. Secure permissions that protect potential abuse include:

  • Email file restrictions
  • Clipboard access (copy/paste restrictions)
  • Editing
  • Printing
  • Save As
  • And more!

For further security, SmartOffice SDK also allows organizations to serve non-editable, view only versions of documents.

Click here for more information on SmartOffice’s full line of product offerings.

SmartOffice SDK Easily Integrates with Your Platform

Get your solution up and running quickly and efficiently to ensure the security of your enterprise document workflow.

SmartOffice SDK fully integrates with your EFSS, MDM or EMM environment, requiring only one integration per platform (e.g., one library works for all versions of Android 5.0). Our scalable display automatically adapts to the device, be it smartphone or tablet. SmartOffice SDK does not read or write directly to the device’s storage; all file content access is via an API, enabling integrators to encrypt the content using their chosen algorithms.

For the full set of SmartOffice features, download the SmartOffice product sheet.

Complete Line-Up for Enterprise Use

In addition to the SmartOffice mobile app and SmartOffice SDK, we provide viewer-only and specialized SDK’s that can be incorporated into enterprise document workflow platforms or used by engineers to embed viewers in electronics devices (e.g., projectors, smart TV’s), custom printer solutions and servers/web apps.

For our complete product line-up, download the SmartOffice Full Product List PDF.