Ghostscript Color Management Technology Awarded U.S. Patent

We are pleased to announce Artifex has received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for our proprietary object-based color handling technology, Graphic Object Dependent Color Management.

Graphic Object Dependent Color Management (GODCM) technology provides significant flexibility for controlling color and optimizes output based upon the different graphic object types within a page. Output for vector graphics, images and text can be individually (and differently) tuned even when mixed on the same page in real-time. This enables extraordinary deep black for text, accurate colors for images, and saturated colors for vector graphics, all of which contribute to improved color reproduction and rendering quality. GODCM also provides the user with a real-time control to adjust the importance of the different object types.

Internally, Ghostscript uses an ICC-based workflow for color management where all color spaces are defined in terms of ICC profiles. Ghostscript provides a simple API for interfacing with Color Management Modules (CMMs), enabling customers to use their existing CMM with Ghostscript. This newly patented technology represents a major advancement in color management that will yield a much improved viewing experience beneficial to any company producing devices for delivering images, such as printers, televisions and projectors.

Congratulations and thanks to Dr. Michael Vrhel, our Color Scientist, for his efforts in developing this breakthrough color management technology!

You can view the full patent here, and for more detailed information please on color-handling in Ghostscript see these additional resources:

  • Graphic Object Dependent Color Management – A fundamental data sheet on Ghostscript color management.
  • Ghostscript Color Management – A white paper providing more detail regarding the patented color architecture in Ghostscript. The document is suitable for users who wish to obtain accurate color with their output device as well as for developers who wish to customize Ghostscript to achieve a higher level of control and/or interface with a different CMM.