SmartOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite designed specifically for mobile devices.

In addition to the SmartOffice Mobile App, Artifex provides additional versions that can be incorporated into the enterprise document workflow platforms, integrated into other software applications or embedded in various hardware products.

Our main enterprise SDK version of SmartOffice is the SmartOffice DevKit (SODK). The SODK is a customizable solution easily integrated into a company’s MDM, EMM or EFSS platform of choice. Key features/benefits include:

  • Increase Productivity: Full featured suite for office document management, viewing, editing, sharing. Also available in a Viewer Only version.
  • Increase Security: Enables IT departments to prevent data leakage while enabling productivity of BYOD mobile workforce.
  • Increase Flexibility: Customizable to fit your corporate strategy, platform, and security requirements.


More information on SmartOffice DevKit.

In addition to the SmartOffice mobile app and SmartOffice DevKit, Artifex provides viewer-only and specialized SDK’s that can be incorporated into enterprise document workflow platforms or used by engineers to embed viewers in electronics devices (e.g., projectors, smart TV’s), custom printer solutions and servers/web apps. See our complete product line-up.