Which Version is Right for Me?

The Ghostscript AGPL license is for developers who wish to share their entire application source code with the open-source community as free software under the AGPL “copyleft” terms.

As soon as you want to use Ghostscript in a closed source, proprietary environment, OR wish to receive technical support from Artifex, you have to purchase an Artifex Ghostscript commercial license.

More information regarding licensing may be found on the Artifex licensing page. If you are uncertain as to whether you can use the AGPL release or require a commercial license, please contact us at Artifex Sales and we’ll be happy to help.

The chart below provides links to the various versions of Ghostscript.

  • GNU AGPL License
    Artifex Commercial

AGPL Ghostscript is not optimized for the stringent resource requirements of embedded environments such as laser printer or MFP applications. The Artifex Ghostscript distribution includes additional engineering work that makes this distribution commercially competitive for these environments. To obtain this distribution for evaluation at no cost, please contact Artifex Sales.

Source Repository

Source code and ongoing updates to Ghostscript may be found on our Ghostscript git.