Ghostscript Documentation

Documentation for recently released versions of Ghostscript

Below you will find links to documentation for the current version of Ghostscript as well as previous releases.

The documentation pages include some links to the Ghostscript source directories src and toolbin. These links will only work if you are viewing the Ghostscript documentation from the source distribution and not this website.

Documentation for Current Development Version

API Programming Examples

The Ghostscript interpreter can be built as a dynamic link library (DLL) on Microsoft Windows, as a shared object on the Linux, Unix, and MacOS X platforms. With some changes, it could be built as a static library. (This should not be confused with the Ghostscript library which provides a graphics library but not the interpreter.)

Learn More about the Application Programming Interface (API) for the Ghostscript interpreter library.

Development Tree

The current development tree is available from the Ghostscript git repository.