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MuPDF Software

MuPDF is the fastest, smallest high quality PDF renderer available. Highly versatile and customizable, MuPDF can be used across a wide range of applications as a PDF renderer, viewer or toolkit. Our small size is perfect for mobile, browser, e-book and other applications where a small footprint is key.

The MuPDF toolkit code is clean and designed to facilitate ease of access and immediate productivity for developers, increasing versatility and uses. Its many deployments include serving as the PDF engine inside mobile apps, driving internal/external document workflow, embedding in printers and MFPs, in support of cloud solutions, and more.

Contact us to learn more about which components and features may best suit your product/solution needs.

Small, fast and comprehensive

Rocket fast renderer

There is no faster PDF renderer than MuPDF. Benchmark tests demonstrate our speed. Learn more.

Smallest footprint

MuPDF will never weigh down your solution. Our dynamic linked binary weighs in at a mere 2MB. Add in all third party libraries, encoding tables and fonts for CJK support and we’re still a lightweight 6.5MB footprint.

Broad format coverage

MuPDF covers the widest range of document formats of major players in our category, maximizing value and versatility for you as a developer.

Outstanding rendering features and benefits

  • Sub-pixel fidelity rendering – MuPDF’s high quality anti-aliased graphics renders text with metrics and spacing accurate to within fractions of a pixel, delivering the highest possible fidelity for reproducing the look of a printed page on a screen.
  • Text Reflow – No side scrolling! MuPDF automatically reflows from PDF to HTML. This means your text document width immediately evolves to match device width, enabling a better end user viewing experience.
  • Progressive rendering – View large documents more quickly! With MuPDF, users can view individual pages in documents while others load in the background.

Get Productive with our wide range of interactive PDF features

Wide range of interactive features and functionality supported on all platforms, including

  • Annotations – Over 20 different annotations, including highlights, free-hand drawing, comments, insert images and sound, stamps, hyperlinks, text search and more. See our complete list of annotation features.
  • Form Filling – Enables users to easily fill out and submit forms.
  • Digital Signatures – With Digital Signatures, users can sign documents
    and forms.
  • Page Manipulation – Reorder, rotate, add or delete PDF pages.

See our complete list of interactive PDF features.


MuPDF may be adapted and used in a wide variety of embedded, host-based, mobile or cloud applications. Its use is only dependent on your creativity. Some common uses include

  • PDF engine inside mobile app
  • Embedding in printers, MFPs – turn a “dumb” printer into a “smart” printer.
  • Internal and external document workflow
  • Rendering engine and other support for cloud solutions and more

Contact us to learn more about which components and features may best suit your product/solution needs.

Full range of operating systems support – MuPDF runs on a wide range of operating systems, including Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

Quality Assured

We are developers at heart, constantly seeking to improve and enhance our products. This assures our customers always have the best solutions available for your use.

Our on-going improvement of MuPDF includes rigorous, continuous benchmark testing, daily regression testing of code and Quality Logic conformance testing. This ensures you receive the highest quality performance.

As a company, we are also committed and dedicated to the support and service of our customers. This is yet another reason why over one hundred OEM partners worldwide rely on Artifex technologies.

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MuPDF is a lightweight, lightning fast PDF and XPS interpreter that offers all the interactive features of PDF.


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MuPDF is available under the Open Source AGPL and commercial license arrangements

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